PHDC presents to US Embassy

Paga Hill is very much a part of the US embassy in Port Moresby. Whether it be that the embassy is located alongside Paga Hill, that some staff live on Paga Hill or use it as part of an exercise route, or that it is just a very visible point of interest that promises much for Port Moresby’s development.

PHDC were recently invited to present an update on the Paga Hill Estate development to the embassy. Interest was high, with about 20 staff keen to hear about plans for the site, the journey to date, current status and next steps. Staff posed insightful questions, and a candid and open discussion was had about the resettlement, urbanisation policy, as well as green energy solutions for Paga Hill Estate. Stories were shared and the PHDC team were thrilled to learn of the US embassy’s efforts to retrieve wrecks from around the Pacific, including the harbour off Paga Hill.

During the discussion it was learned that embassy staff lead a regular walk around the Paga Hill, along the newly constructed ring road, ending at a local cafe – such a great start to the day! As a follow-up to the presentation, PHDC attended a walk, hosting a detour onto the site and into some of the WWII bunkers which will be restored, and hosted breakfast in a WWII gun emplacement. The staff got a feel for the project’s scale and put the plans for the site in new perspective.

PHDC looks forward to keeping its neighbour abreast of progress, as well as collaborating on opportunities into the future!


Left to right: Deputy Chief of Mission – Joel Maybury, Gudmundur Fridriksson, George Hallit and Stanley Liria.

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