A monumental development deserves a visionary plan. Informing and guiding this plan are three key design principles: inclusive, connected, and landmark.


·     Leveraging its natural position, Paga Hill Estate will move away from the fully gated communities now commonplace in Port Moresby, becoming truly inclusive.

·     Opening up the CBD to a lively and inviting environment for all to enjoy.

·     Paga Hill Estate will be for everyone: for residents, employees, weekend guests and international visitors alike. A national attraction with a local heart, the site will act as a global intersection, seamlessly hosting international cruiseliner and other travellers, local residents and city visitors with a diverse range of on-site facilities and activities.

·     Facilitating access to public gardens, cultural facilities, World War II relics, and other sites of interest within an efficient access matrix that combines pedestrian pathways and bridges, as well as the waterfront promenade and footpaths along the road network.


·     Paga Hill Estate is all about being connected. Within a 500 metre radius, residents and visitors will be able to connect with the full range of spaces and activities on offer.

·     Connected to the waterfront – for the first time, the public will be able to closely interact with the waterfront. Whether it be strolling along the waterfront promenade from the city centre all the way around to Ela Beach, directly accessing the Estate via one of its marinas, or enjoying the spectacular views from every aspect of this spectacular site, people can connect with the waterfront like nowhere else.

·     Connected to the world – through the nearby cruiseliner terminal and onsite hotels, the cultural facilities and everything else on offer, Paga Hill will be a destination for tens of thousands of international visitors. World class shopping facilities will connect residents to global brands, providing a premier retail experience.

·     Connected to culture – Paga Hill will feature a Trade, Exhibition & Cultural Centre to showcase all 21 provinces, connecting visitors to local and outlying PNG culture. Restored WWII heritage features will provide a connection to the site’s history. The green, active and passive open spaces linking these features will provide additional opportunities for cultural expression. Whether it be through open air concerts, meeting spaces or quiet reflection, people can connect with the site in a range of ways. Best of all; it will evolve over time, providing dynamic spaces that deliver experiences worth sharing.


·     Paga Hill will be a place that is recognised internationally and loved locally. It will dynamically evolve, forging a unique identity that acknowledges its past, but embraces a promising, global future.

·     With its broad appeal, range of amenities, acknowledgement of past, and future-proofed infrastructure, Paga Hill Estate will become an icon of a modern, progressive Papua New Guinea.

·     With every aspect of the project constituting a major paradigm shift for both Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea, it is fitting that the site’s previous illegal settlement was relocated in a landmark way. In a first for the country, and following extended negotiations, the developer pursued a comprehensive relocation solution for the settlement community, acquiring and donating land to the settlers. In addition, the company arranged connection to basic services, and provided financial and logistical support. This landmark initiative was recognised by the United Nations and further aims to contribute to government policy, such that this can become a new norm in a country where the overwhelming majority of land is under customary title and cannot be freely leased or sold.

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