Jiwaka Province – Rainforests and Mountains and Coffee OH MY!

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Jiwaka Province was born in May 17th, 2012, when they unpicked themselves from Western Province and became an independent land woven together by a multi-ethnic community. The three districts of Anglimp-South Waghi, Jimi and North Waghi are what form this very proud and diverse province. The name Jiwaka came about when the first two letters of Jimi, Waghi and Kambia were combined making it a portmanteau word. The name rings strong, much like the people here who thrive in the rugged yet fertile country of Jiwaka.



Mt Wilhelm looms over Jiwaka’s border and the great Waghi River slices through the major valley. But it’s the coffee plantations that are the most attractive feature of this unassuming province.

The rich taste of the mountainous Arabica coffee bean is in great demand. All over the globe avid coffee lovers have stolen time to taste the unique flavours of Jiwaka’s coffee, grown in crisp mountain air, surrounded by untouched rainforests and tended to by local farmers who were taught the ways of the land from their ancestors. Nurturing coffee bean trees is in their blood. Since Jiwaka broke away from its former Western Highland Province, its coffee industry has boomed and new initiatives are foreseeing coffee production increasing two-fold in the next 3-4 years.



In 2014 the Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) commenced the Jiwaka Central Coffee Nursery project at Numenz outside of Banz town and already over two million coffee seedlings have been produced and planted all over the newly established province.

So, if you are looking for a rainforest trekking expedition with a side of some of the world’s finest coffee to sip on, then Jiwaka will not disappoint. To experience the best of the highlands you can stay in the heart of Jiwaka at the relaxing and very welcoming Jiwaka Mission Resort Hotel.  This little oasis will be your stepping stone to all that Jiwaka has to offer. They have a mouth-watering menu at their bistro and you can even wander out to their gardens and gather your own fresh produce which will be cut up and served up by the onsite chef. Paga Hill Estate knows you will be intrigued, inspired and appropriately caffeinated in this small, yet beautiful province, nestled in the mountains.

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