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Game Changer

December 20, 2017 Source: Post Courier DEVELOPMENT in one of Port Moresby’s iconic area, Paga Hill, will be a “game changer” for the Capital city. That’s from NCD Governor Powes Parkop when witnessing a


A Traveller’s Guide to PNG

  Some come for the culture, some for the fishing, while others just arrive to explore all that Papua New Guinea serves up as an emerging tourist destination that retains its authentic routes. Quite

Treck the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea

Adventure beckons in PNG

With over 600 islands, 5150km of coastline and 800 languages, Papua New Guinea is a uniquely alluring destination to explore, and its emerging tourism industry has a host of adventure tours available to assist.


Paddling Paradise

  Imagine a place where people still live as they did hundreds of years ago, a place where tradition and culture are richly embedded into everyday lives. Imagine a place where pristine waters gently kiss


Independence Day Celebrations

  42 years ago, late in the afternoon of 15th September, the Australian flag would flutter in the wind at Hubert Murray Stadium in Port Moresby for the last time. The following morning a new flag would be

Port Moresby Future City

  August 22nd and 23rd saw the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry (POMCCI) host their annual PNG Investment Summit in Brisbane, attracting a range of high profile speakers, leaders from the


Creepy Crawlies of PNG

  Insects are an interesting and vital part of our world. If we want to preserve our biodiversity and ascertain whether climate change is having an impact on certain species, we need to know what lives


Languages of Papua New Guinea

  A simple Google image search for Papua New Guinea reveals a stunning display of natural beauty. Few people are aware though, that PNG has even more to offer beyond rich World War II historical sites,


Walking the Kokoda

  If you’ve ever wanted to trek through dense mountain jungles in the midst of World War II history and unspoilt local villages, the Kokoda Trail is your chance to do it. Hikers can follow the footsteps of


Pesquet’s Parrot

  Pesquet’s Parrot is a rare and threatened bird species that is endemic to the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. This vulture-like parrot is the only one of its genus and the only member of its

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